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Top 3 Home Buying Tips for Choosing the Right House

Posted by Tori Thompson on August 16, 2022

Home buying can be an emotional experience. You can easily walk into a home and immediately you get that feeling, yep this is the one. I’m sure you’re a bit like me where you’ve set out to make a purchase before and have realized you forgot the main thing you set out to get. Well don’t worry, in this blog I am going to share with you the top 3 home buying tips for choosing the right house, so you can successfully navigate through the home selection process.

Of course there will be compromises or workarounds for each tip I share but, once you commit to your checklist of items, the home you choose will be one that you will enjoy. Save this post for later, it will come in handy!

Top 3 home buying tips for choosing the right house below:

#1 - Design

How many bedrooms and bathrooms are needed? a 3 bedroom/2 bath is going to always hold value. Powder room for guests? Are you into open floor plans or traditional? I typically look for things like updated lighting, natural light, flooring as staples. Do you prefer a one or two story home? Is an office space, room for crafts, or a home gym on your list of must haves? How about closet space and storage? Deck, Porch or patio required? Are views important to you? Do you want maximum privacy or an inviting landscape? Is the location suitable for kids, pets, entertaining friends and family, gardening, or other uses? What are your style and layout favorites? Share in the comments section.

#2 - Size

Carefully select your home and lot size
Square footage should be based on your needs of course. But just as a rule of thumb at least 2,200 square feet is sufficient for a family.

For your yard or lot size – Is a huge yard or acreages on your list of must haves? In some cases it may make sense to go with a smaller lot or yard if you prefer less maintenance or the community provides amenities such as a pool, parks or walking trails.

#3 - Location

Finally the top tip – location, location, location. Consider the proximity to work, the direction the home faces on the lot, accessibility and traffic. It’s important to have access to shopping, daycare or schools, medical care, and maybe public transportation. Drive to preview the neighborhood activity at different times of the week and also on different days. You can change many things in a home but location is not one of them. So, this one will require the most consideration.

Stay Focused

When choosing a home it’s important to avoid making emotional decisions that you will regret in the future. Only looking at homes that meet your criteria, will keep you from getting overwhelmed with so many choices. Stay focused on the Design, Size, Location and you will be in your home dream home in no time.

If you keep these top 3 Home buying tips for choosing the right house in mind, your home buying experience will be successful. 

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