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Posted by Tori Thompson on June 25, 2022

Are you ready to sell your home, but thinking about decluttering your stuff has you feeling overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel. Well, keep your composure and put that towel around your neck cause we got work to do. Check out this blog for 3 Steps to Declutter….

In this blog, I will be discussing what mindset you will need for selling your home? (+) 3 steps to declutter your home fast. In case you have not gotten an opportunity to check out my previous posts, my name is Tori Thompson and I am a realtor who specializes in helping retirees and families in the Austin Metro and surrounding areas. My goal is to help you Simplify your life during the preparation to sale and optimize the environment so that you will be ready to take off and make new memories in your new place.


First, you want to complete a thorough evaluation to determine what items are useful or valuable. This is the toughest part of the entire process. You can go through one room at a time to make piles. It’s helpful then to direct the piles even further by dividing out items into a designated room for your specific categories. My recommended list would be something like below:

-For Donation
-Trash / Junk Removal
-Gifts to family/friends
-Documents for Shredding
-Estate Sale or Yard Sale items
-Things to keep in the home until closing for Staging and/or styling 

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Clear the way

Second, is when things really get going, this is the clearing out step when you start to build momentum and slowly see results. The good thing about the categories above is that you literally take them in order to start each category of your clean out phase and you will be ready to sell in no time. When completing category number six, just know that having a yard sale is a good idea and you’d manage it on your own but if the task seems too daunting then I recommend using an estate sale company to handle this piece. Most estate sale companies come in and handle pretty much everything for you. The estate sale companies also give you insight into how valuable pieces are if you don’t have time to research on your own. After you have liquidated everything and got a lil cash on hand.

The Clean Up

Finally, we are almost to the finish line, we are patting ourselves on the back working hard and with intention, it’s time for the clean up. At this point, you will want to get a professional cleaning for your home. This will definitely help your home to appeal to buyers. Professional cleanings cover almost all of the home in detail to give it a new fresh feel. Your Realtor can then work with you to put together a staging or styling plan for marketing your home.

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Well Done

Thinking of decluttering as a way to get you more money at the closing table. Decluttering can really give you the supercharge you need to move to the next step in selling your home – staging or styling your home for buyers. It can be hard letting go of stuff and I know it’s not easy. It’s okay if you also go through the storage pile a few times just to make sure you are not holding onto things that are not useful. But you want to stay focused on your goal of getting to the closing table and increasing your chances of getting the best offer. And keep in mind if you absolutely just cannot declutter you still have the option of working with investors who typically don’t care about clutter, but they may offer a lower price.

Just know that you have options. You might even love the revamp and decide not to sale. Be sure to save this video so you can use these 3 steps to declutter help you to take major action in decluttering your home. If you would like more tips or if I can help you in any way, my contact information will be below.

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