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Posted by Tori Thompson on March 27, 2022

In this blog, I will be discussing a few things that I love and hate about living in Austin. This blog will help you in making  your decision to move to the Austin area. Always good to have a little insight right?

I am a REALTOR® who specializes in helping retirees and families find a place to call home in the Austin area. If you ever need insight in the real estate arena don’t hesitate to connect with me. There are so many reasons to enjoy living in Austin!

#1 - Weather

Texas weather can be sporadic. I say that because it’s know for being hot but and mostly dry but every now and then, we may get random hail, snow, tornado events.  My two favorite seasons are Spring and Fall. I love Austin during those seasons as the climate is mild and I am one who prefers warm weather over cold. Now, I am sure you have heard this before. Texas is hot, literally baking hot! The summer heat is something that requires a bit of adjustment. But it is so enjoyable during the cool down evening hours. One thing about the warmer periods that I hate is the influx of mosquitoes. Like they say everything is big in Texas, that includes the mosquitoes. Check out the latest buzz from Yahoo Finance, Austin is coming in at no.3, however, don’t worry just a few easy precautions to keep insects away and you will absolutely love it here!

Living In Austin

#2 - Construction & Commuting

There is so much construction happening to meet the growth and demands in Austin. There are new roads, retail and commercial spaces, apartments and new home construction in progress that are impacting commute times. I hate afternoon traffic in Austin, it usually starts from 3pm to 6pm, just like any popular place to live. Yet, I love the Austin roads, the roads are smooth as butter and there are so many routes to get to your destination if you prefer not to sit in traffic on the highway. The Austin metro area has 10 toll roads that are accessible and come in handy whenever you need to get to and from quickly. During your commute, even in high traffic, you still get to enjoy a distinct vibrancy and huge feeling of connection with nature because of the views from the amazing landscapes, greenways, trails, and hills.

#3 - Housing

What I love about Austin homes, is the variety of home designs- varying from contemporary and modern to traditional or rustic. Many appreciate how Texas homes provide high vaulted ceilings. Vaulted ceilings is truly one key feature that can make a world of difference for the space and fluidity of any home. The 10 bodies of water in the Austin area are optimal for boat owners. Many hate property taxes as they are a bit on the higher end. Yet, the benefits of owning a home in Texas far outweigh this expense. Talk with a local tax professional about some ways to offset this cost. 


I’d love to know what some of your favorite home features are, please share in the comments. Are you familiar with any of the three items that I wrote about today? Have you considered these items at all? If I can help you or anyone you know with finding their home retreat, don’t hesitate to let me know my contact info will be down below. 

Book your top tier consultation with me today, to learn more about my real estate services. I will set realistic expectations to ensure you love where you live and trust, you will love it here. Let’s get started!

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