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Top Home Features that Every Pet Lover Must Have

Posted by Tori Thompson on July 17, 2023

Pets are an essential part of our lives, and they bring so much joy and happiness every day. After reading this 2-minute blog, you will be sure to think about key things your fur-baby’s needs when buying or renovating your current or next home. Let’s discuss key features every pet lover must have!

From outdoor spaces to indoor features, there is a lot to consider when creating a pet-friendly home. In this blog post, we will discuss the top home features that every pet lover must have. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of “Barkitecture” or pet-friendly living spaces.

A Safe and Secure Outdoor Space

Pets love spending time outside, and it is crucial to provide them with a safe and secure outdoor space. A fenced yard or a balcony with secure railings is a must-have for pet owners. It can be dreadful thinking of your sweet dogs or cats out there roaming free without supervision since it may put them in danger. A secure outdoor space ensures that your pet can enjoy fresh air and sunshine in a safe environment.

Pet-Friendly Flooring

Pets can be hard on floors, and certain flooring types are more resilient to scratches and stains than others. Hardwood, tiles, and vinyl are good choices for pet-friendly flooring since they are easy to clean and maintain. Avoid carpeted areas as they tend to accumulate pet hair and trap odors, which can affect the air quality in your home. Ceramic is top-pick because the tile is extremely durable, easy to clean, and non-porous. Concrete and some other stone floors are porous, meaning they will absorb any “accidents” of nature, lol.

Plenty of Storage for Pet Supplies

Pets need space to play and relax, and creating a dedicated space for them can help reduce clutter in your home. A cozy nook with a pet bed and some toys or a designated play area with scratching posts and climbing structures for cats can provide your furry friend with a comfortable space to call their own. I toured an amazing community that had built-in doggy showers. Oh and don’t forget about the window designs as your pet is busy looking out for you and managing the fort while you’re away.

Built-in Feeding Stations

A built-in feeding station is a great addition to any pet-friendly home. It saves floor space while giving your pet a designated area to eat and drink. A built-in feeding station can be incorporated into your cabinetry, or you can get creative and build a custom feeding station that matches your home’s décor, if you are a DIY-er.

A Pet Lover Must Have Design in Mind

Pets are like family members, and they deserve a comfortable and safe space to call their own. By incorporating these top home features, you can create a pet-friendly home that your furry friend will love. Remember to consider your pet’s needs when designing or renovating your home as it will make a world of difference in their overall quality of life. With “Barkitecture” or pet friendliness in mind, you can create a home where both you and your fur-baby can thrive. Just a thought to share this quick post, as my clients and I toured a local community that featured built-in pet showers in some of the floor plans. Message me if you’d like the community details.

If you have any have been searching for a while, have questions or need assistance navigating the market, click the link here to chat. As always I’m here to help!

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