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Renting a House: 5 Easy Steps to Get Your New Home

Posted by Tori Thompson on August 22, 2023

Hey there! Renting a house can be really cool, and I’m here to help you understand how to do it. Let’s follow these 5 steps together:

Renting A house 11 Steps

Knowing these few steps that I am sharing today are oh so beneficial because they guide you through the process of renting a house and help make the whole experience smoother and more successful. Consider this blog, a little roadmap of understanding that leads you to a happy and successful renting experience. 

Step 1: What Are Your Wants and Needs?

Think about the things you really want in a house. Where should it be located? How much money can you spend? Do you want a big or small place? This helps you know where to start and what to look out for.

Step 2: Look Around!

Use the internet to find houses that match what you want.  You can ask people too, many realtors assist with locating rentals. Look at different neighborhoods to see which one you like. Consider the amenities and access to places you like. Being close to work, shopping, schools are good places to start. Go check out the areas that you like. It’s like trying on clothes. You want to see if the area feels good to you. Realtors come in handy if you need to ask questions when you’re curious about things like water, electricity, and stuff like that.


Step 3: Put in Your Application and Fee

You’ve found the house you like – great job! Now it’s time to take the next step. Even though you might hear some unfamiliar words, don’t worry. This part is easier than you think. First, you fill out an application form. The owner or management company of the property you choose may require an application. You apply to rent a home so that the people who own the house can get to know you a little better. And vice versa

They’ll most likely want to know about you and your payment history. Almost always, they check your credit to see if you’re good at paying bills. I always recommend, checking your credit on your own first to avoid any surprises. If you don’t have credit yet, they might ask someone with good credit to vouch for you. It’s like having a super helper! And guess what? You also pay a little bit of money called an application fee. This helps them check your background. Sending in your application and fee shows you’re serious about the house. It’s like telling them you really want to live there. After you’re done, they might say yes right away, or it could take up to 48 hours if they need more time.

Step 4: Prepare for Renting a House

While your application is being processed, they are simply checking you out. They want to know you’ll take care of the house. The best thing for you to do at this point is to read the rules! Reading the rules is important. The rules tell you what is permitted or what you can do in the house. It’s also a good time to share any special circumstances that you may need to discuss, like painting or making changes to decor. Next, you will then also need to give a some money, or your deposit, this is typically held incase there a potential damages. You can get this money back later if you take care of the house.

Step 5: Move-in!

Before you celebrate moving in, carefully check for anything broken. This prevents misunderstandings. Let the person in charge know if you find something. Then comes the exciting part! You’re renting a house you like and exploring a new neighborhood, it’s so much fun. Moving in, you can make the place your own by decorating and arranging things just how you want. Plus, if your new to leasing it’s a chance to learn about taking care of your own space and being responsible. 

There are many reasons to decide to rent a house. Many like that they can easily move around or explore new places. Others might not be ready to buy a house or want someone else to take care of fixing things. Renting also works well for people who only need a place to stay for a little while, or if they have certain money situations. You choose what is best for your circumstances. All in all, it’s a big step that brings lots of joy and new experiences! 

As always it’s important to trust your instincts and make informed decisions. With me you will get the right knowledge, resources, and support. Contact me today if there is any way I can help you with real estate, click here to access my calendar or see my contact info below!

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