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Posted by Tori Thompson on May 30, 2022

Should we make it a noteworthy thing to complete a – Summer Home Detox? In this blog, I will be sharing why the home deserves a revamp or refresh for the summer too! 


Okay, well here it goes, it’s almost summertime and we typically give all the praises for spring cleaning but what about the summertime.

Well if you feel that this could be a thing or is a good idea, let’s categorize the 4 items that need to be a focal point: air, gas, water, and dirt. These are all items that affect the healthiness and well-being of your home environment. Listen, refreshing your space is so good for the mind and overall health. Just saying! I will simplify each of these elements with respect to detoxing home living below:

#1 Air

Here are a few things to that will definitely help out with allergies and make your summer home detox a success:

-Eliminate toxins by changing your filters to a HEPA air filter.

-Clean out air ducts at minimum, and try using an air purifier in bedrooms. Cleaning ducts is a huge items to complete if nothing else.

-Maybe you like the highly fragranced air fresheners or give a try natural essential oils, these can help make your air quality better.

#2 GAS

The best meals are made with gas cook tops. That was just a free throw to see if you were reading. Here are two tips that for my cookers:

-Check out the gas stove flames to make sure they are blue, yellow is a red flag and produces carbon dioxide

-If someone in your household has breathing problems or respiratory issues, replacing gas stoves with electric is a great alternative.

#3 water

Don’t leave out water as a part of your summer home detox. Let’s talk about a few ways to minimize pollutants that may be in drinking water:

-Try a good quality carbon filter to remove lead and chlorine from drinking water

-Shower filters are just as important due to the toxicity of chlorine when released into steam

-If you need a versatile option that is can be mobile try a water pitcher.


#4 dirt

Lastly, I am just going to say nothing’s ever squeaky clean yet, we try so hard to make home an oasis. So below are a few tips to help with our number one contender, dirt. 

-Take your shoes off before entering the home to avoid bringing in pesticides and other contaminants. 

-Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to avoid bringing allergens back into the air

-Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils on a microfiber mop when you mop

-Don’t ignore the dust bunnies in hidden places, getting rid of them also minimizes respiratory problems in your household

-Try switching out harmful cleaning products with eco-friendly green products, this will not only benefit you but the environment as well!

summer home detox?

What do you think? Can this be a thing? Sometimes you just have to refresh your space, ya know. Oh and don’t worry if you are feeling stuck. It happens to all of us, I just try to knock out 1 of the 4 a different day of the week. I am happy to help you put together some ideas if ya need me. I once saw a quote that said “People with great passion can make the impossible happen.” If this blog was helpful comment below. Enjoy detoxing your home!

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